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Our vision and mission

Our vision is help make critical medical devices like ventilators more accessible globally, especially during pandemics

Our current mission is to create a globally-adaptable ventilator design blueprint for production in times of shortage and to build an international community to facilitate this process

The problem: global shortage of ventilators

Mechanical ventilators are critical medical devices which are used to support the breathing of patients ​whose lungs are compromised by trauma or disease. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a severe shortage of ventilators around the world, causing a worldwide callout for solutions. Being a complex problem with engineering, economical and political aspects, worldwide ventilator shortage is far from being solved and continues to cause preventable loss of life.

To help solve the global shortage of mechanical ventilator we will:

Create a widely-adaptable design using a global R&D sphere consisting of volunteers, academic institutions, NGOs and industry partners


Tailor the design to local needs and capabilities and facilitate local manufacturing 

Provide solutions for monitoring of deployed ventilators, to ensure maximal positive impact


The solution:

How does it work?

PolyVent operates like a bridging initiative between multiple semi-autonomous geographical clusters, centred around one adaptable design blueprint. The idea is to allow creation of locally tailored variants of the ventilator, to increase chances of it getting to actual patients. 

Our partners

And contribute to the global effort of saving lives!

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